Welcome.  We are pleased that you are looking at the Qivana products and business opportunity. We are confident that you will be highly impressed with every aspect of Qivana as well as our team within the Qivana community.  Below you will find information specific to the company, the compensation plan, the different getting started options as well as a link to a very informative website that goes into detail about our world-class product offering.  

Perhaps most important in your consideration of Qivana you will see below multiple audio recordings of people from different walks of life who are involved with Qivana.  These audio recordings are less than 5 minutes in length but they will nonetheless illustrate the vast diversity of people engaged with us.  Enjoy your due diligence process.  We are excited to share this information with you.  


Perhaps the most effective way for you to conduct due diligence is to hear from people who come from varying backgrounds about their product and business experience as Qivana Business Owners.


Amazing Success Stories:
Click play on the below video to learn about the amazing success stories happening in Qivana.


An Overview of Qivana:
  This 12 minute presentation will introduce you to Qivana corporate, it's science based product development platform, its life changing products and the world class people who are lining up to participate in Qivana.


An Extraordinary Webinar of Qivana:
  Click the video below to view a webinar that was viewed in 7 countries simultaneously that details the Qivana products, business model, and our team leadership.


Learn about the Qivana products:
Please click on any of the product images below for more information on that particular Qivana product line.



To download the product pdf click on the links below:

Qore Defense
Qore Detox
Qore Essentials
Qore Probiotic

To download the product pdf click on the link below:

Metaboliq Profile

To download the product pdf click on the links below:

Prime Profile
Thermal Imaging


An Overview of the Qivana Compensation Plan:
 This 8 minute presentation goes into detail regarding the many different ways to make money with the Qivana compensation plan.


Getting Started Options:
This 8 minute presentation will walk you through the different options available to you to engage with the Qivana products and business.


Why We Rock!
  This short little 4 minute video will explain why we ROCK!